Experience Barnsley

Experience Barnsley rejuvenated the local town hall, creating a space dedicated to the history and people of Barnsley. 

The project worked closely with the local community to reveal the story of Barnsley, through work on artefacts, documents, recordings, interactive exhibitions and an on-going programme of activities.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council put people at the heart of its heritage by creating a hub for the borough’s rich and varied history. An in-depth programme of community engagement helped local people to contribute their stories and objects to the museum, creating a sense of pride and ownership within the area.

The town hall now hosts the museum, archives and discovery centre alongside civic displays, revolving exhibitions and a busy learning lab, all which cater to different audiences from local schools and families to the avid family historian. The Museum received over 130,000 visitors in its first year, won the community involvement category of the Local Government Chronicle Awards in 2014 and has been shortlisted for other major awards. More on the LCD award can be found on the Experience Barnsley website.

Lynn Dunning, of BMBC, said: “It’s the first time there’s been a place to share and explore the stories of the people of Barnsley and the Borough’s important and fascinating history. It highlights the huge changes Barnsley has gone through and is a source of great pride, as well as being a great showcase for the Borough.” 

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