Gorton 100

The area of Gorton, situated to the south east of Manchester, celebrated its centenary of joining the City of Manchester through the Gorton 100 project. 

The ancient Lancashire tradition of the rushcart festival was revived for the celebrations and a packed-out community finale event was held at the restored Gorton Monastery. A hardback book collected Gorton residents' memories and experiences, alongside information about its industrial heritage including the history of the Beyer Peacock factory, where locomotive engines were manufactured and exported all over the world.

“It was about bringing a community back together, and showing what Gorton has for young people,” says Project Manager Rosemary Cusack. “Everyone was involved, from shopkeepers to schoolchildren, and the results were amazing. The best thing is, Gorton 100 has carried on as Gorton Events. We now have community groups sprouting up, an annual festival, new shops and the new market hall keeping Gorton vibrant.”
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