The History of Doncaster's Working Men's Clubs

Being run for and by local people ensured that the Working Men’s Clubs offered more than beer and entertainment, providing other services and a focus for community life. 

However these clubs are now declining with many boarded up or facing demolition. This project has helped to preserve this valuable local heritage before it is lost or changes beyond recognition. The project has engaged a range of local people to capture a permanent record of the character of Doncaster’s working men’s and miners’ clubs.

By training volunteers to record the memories of the working club members and encouraging them to bring in photographs and memorabilia a large archive of material has been gathered and digitised to ensure that this valuable part of the local heritage is conserved for the future. The information gathered has been collated into a book and website to help a wider audience learn more about the social history of the area’s working men’s clubs since the end of World War II.

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