Hospital Under Canvas: Millicent Sutherland's Ambulance in the Great War

An example of one of Tardieu's paintings

Making a difference

How the project achieved outcomes for heritage     

  • The heritage is better managed for the long term, as the paintings are cared for by the museum and shared with the general public, when they otherwise would have been bought by an individual collector.
  • The heritage was interpreted through the exhibition and blog, which brought together new information about the people who worked in and were cared for in the field hospital.

How the project achieved outcomes for people

  • Visitors to the exhibition and community groups involved in the project learnt about nursing during the First World War. Previous evaluation of the museum showed that visitors were especially interested in finding out about the legacy of Florence Nightingale.
  • Family historians volunteered time generously, sharing their research about the people portrayed in the paintings.

How the project achieved outcomes for communities

  • More people and a wider range of people engaged with the museum through workshops with local families and the development of a youth panel. A model-making event for fathers and sons was developed to encourage a male audience, as women continue to make up the majority of the museum’s audience.

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Lessons learnt

  • It is important to ensure that strong links and a mutual understanding are made with community groups during the planning of the project. Originally staff at FNM developed a partnership to work with a local mental health group but once they received the grant they were told that the project was inappropriate as the museum did not have the internal expertise and the group needed to work on longer-term projects.
  • This project did not have a budget for marketing but staff nevertheless managed to develop a marketing strategy whilst maximising their contacts with journalists.
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