Kashmiri Lives

Recording the culture of the Kashmiri community in Greater Manchester through the collection of memories.

Since 1999, volunteer radio broadcasters at Crescent Community Radio have been serving the community of Rochdale by sharing local news and stories.

The organisation embarked on a project to record, share and preserve the heritage of three generations of the Kashmiri community living in Greater Manchester. The project focused on sharing the interesting heritage of this community, an area of heritage which had not been explored or recorded in great detail. Various themes were explored such as the reasons for migration, growing up in the UK, and traditions and customs.

As part of the project volunteers were trained in collecting oral histories, social media and digital training. Oral histories were collected from the Kashmiri community recording various aspects of cultural and social heritage. People engaged with the project though activities such as research, conducting interviews, editing videos and transcribing oral histories.

The heritage was shared in several ways including a touring temporary exhibition, cultural events and weekly radio shows which were broadcast on Crescent Community Radio. The oral histories have been deposited in an archive and a website created to ensure that this important heritage is accessible for all.

Find out more about the project and the oral histories.

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