The preservation of the Melton Old Church collection of WW1 grave markers

This project focused on conserving Melton Old Church’s nationally important collection of 10 First World War grave markers while helping people connect with the heritage of the village during the conflict.

The grave markers denoted the resting place of men from the village who died during the First World War prior to the creation of the war cemeteries by the War Graves Commission.

While helping to conserve and interpret the crosses, the grant was also used to install an exhibition of photographs in the church, telling the soldiers’ stories through photos contributed by relatives. The project concluded with an event to make the Melton village archive available to the public. Members of the Melton WW1 Heritage Group and the Melton Local History Society were on hand to talk to the 200 visitors who attended.

Twenty-five volunteers were involved in the project, including the society and other community groups and experts.

“We thought people would be interested but it was much more than that. The stories have helped people to connect.”Carol Duce, Treasurer for the Melton Old Church Society

This overwhelming response from the community triggered a ‘sister project’ by Melton WW1 Heritage Group who have gone on to further research and record the stories of Melton during the First World War.

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