Queer in Brighton - An Exploration of Brighton's Hidden LGBT Heritage

This year-long heritage learning project celebrated and promoted the rich cultural life of the LGBT community in Brighton and Hove. 

Queer in Brighton helped the widest possible audience to learn about, engage with and better understand, the cultural heritage of Brighton and Hove’s LGBT community, as well as allowing the community themselves to celebrate and make visible their previously hidden heritage.

A collection of oral histories was created, inspired by existing archive material and informed by learning from workshops. Interviews were professionally recorded and captured participants’ different histories, memories and experiences. Taking inspiration from photo booth portraits, which are images usually associated with official identification, participants recreated their own photo booth with a final portrait made on the streets of Brighton. The project also delivered a number of live-sharing events at various locations, using theatre, and stand up and performance poetry to share the city’s LGBT cultural heritage with the wider public. All the project outputs continue to be accessible and available on the Queer in Brighton website.

“This project began life as an oral history project and grew into a fantastic journey of discovery for everyone involved.”
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