Restoration and repair of chancel ceiling of Christ Church, Great Ayton

The restoration aimed to preserve key features of Christ Church in Ayton, North Yorkshire, while promoting community enagement.

Christ Church was built in 1877 to serve the growing needs of the village of Great Ayton in North Yorkshire. Now grade II listed, it continues to hold a position of significance within the life of the village.

“The church will be returned to its original splendor.”Ken Taylor, Treasurer

Affected by water ingress and an accumulation of dirt, the church’s highly decorative chancel ceiling was in danger of being lost forever.

Whilst the project focused on the restoration work, it also sought to engage the wider public through a programme of activities, led by a team from within the congregation.

Volunteers from the church prepared and delivered a series of workshops for local schools using models, sketches, and photographs of key features to explain the ceiling and the restoration. A small exhibition was displayed within the church and talks were delivered by the conservator.

With the help of National Lottery players the PCC has been able to secure one of the building’s key features, ensuring its survival whilst actively engaging the congregation, local community and visitors.

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