Restoration work to St Ninians Cathedral Category A Listed Building in Perthshire Highlands

The Cathedral of St Ninian belongs to the Scottish Episcopal Church. Designed by William Butterfield it was the first Cathedral to be built in the UK after the Reformation.

The cathedral in Perth received HES and HLF grants with a combined total of £249,900 to carry out urgent roof repairs to their A-listed building.

The programme of work had three phases.

  • The urgent repair of roof and rainwater goods

  • The restoration of stonework and masonry

  • The repair and restoration of stained glass.

There were a number of activities delivered alongside the works to increase publicity and promote the heritage of the cathedral.

New leaflets were also produced and a 'treasure trail' for families was created. Volunteers strengthened links with the local primary school and have been trained as guides for a new programme of cathedral tours.

During the construction phase of the work there was a number of ‘hard hat’ tours in which to explain what work is going on and the reason behind it.

The City of Perth is known as the `Gateway to the Highlands' and each year thousands of visitors pass through Perth. St Ninian’s Cathedral is a historic point within the town and one which many people explore on their way to the highlands.

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