Richmond Station Regeneration Project

Front view of The Station, Richmond Credit: Richmondshire Building Preservation Trust

Income from the various enterprises based at The Station covers 90% of the running costs, with the remainder generated by events run by volunteers

Making a difference

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for heritage

  • A locally significant building was restored and given a sustainable future, becoming became better managed. 
  • The history and its place in the community were explored and uncovered through collecting objects and oral history recordings from the local community. A record of this heritage is available to people now and in the future.
  • The heritage was better interpreted and explained through displays and a website.

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for people

  • Volunteers developed heritage and business skills that will ensure that heritage is better looked after in the future.
  • Volunteers learnt about the heritage of the building through collecting material for the displays and interviewing members of the local community about their memories of the station.
  • Visitors to the building learnt about its heritage, for example through displays in the heritage room and the project website.

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for communities

  • More people engaged with the heritage as a result of the project. The Station attracts 350,000 visitors per year.
  • The town became a better and more attractive place to live, work or visit. The Station became a valued community and business resource that boosted the local economy.
  • The organisation became stronger through volunteer skill development and the creation of a volunteer coordinator post and training programme to embed these skills.

Lessons learnt

The trust found that sending local politicians and prospective funders a DVD clearly describing the aims of the project, followed up by a personal visit, was effective in gaining support.

Bringing a variety of community activities into the building and creating a varied offer has resulted in an effective business model.

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