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  • Young people revealed the personal histories of Belton House Machine Gun Corps training camp.
  • Young people from North Tyneside found out how the First World War affected their local communities through a range of creative activities.
  • Twenty young people, aged 14-19, researched the lives of Bolton soldiers who had died during the 1915 Gallipoli campaign.
  • Young people from Central Youth Theatre produced a film and exhibition to tell the story of soldiers executed for cowardice in the First World…
  • Young people reinterpreted the changing roles of women during the First World War, through letters, films and an exhibition.
  • Creative Waves Community Arts enabled young and old residents of Worthing to rediscover their town.
  • A timely exploration of the life of Walter Tull, the first black player for Tottenham Hotspur FC, and one of the first black soldiers…
  • Young people in Wythenshawe worked with their local community housing group to learn about Wilfred Owen, a First World War poet who posthumously won…
  • Young people and communities from the Welsh Valleys uncovered the experiences of Welsh soldiers during the First World War and created digital animations.
  • Pupils at North Primary School discovered and shared the stories of former students who fought during the First World War through two HLF-supported projects.


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