West Bromwich, Dartmouth Park

Dartmouth Park has been transformed as part of a project run by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.

“It’s so pleasing seeing the Park become the centre of social life for West Bromwich once again, and we are excited that future generations…will get to enjoy it.”Carol Hartill, Friends of Dartmouth Park

Historic features such as the lake and grade II listed war memorial have been restored. Extending the entrance has brought the park closer to the town centre and made it more welcoming.  A new pavilion, complete with interpretation and sensory play equipment, provides a focus for visitors.

Regular ‘explore and discover’ walks enable local residents to discover more about the park from the rangers.  A sensory garden allows visitors with visual impairments to enjoy the scents and textures of new plants. Teaching resources created jointly with nearby RSPB Sandwell Valley help visiting schools learn about the heritage of the area.

The Friends of Dartmouth Park were established in 2008 to encourage the involvement of local people in looking after the park longer term. The park achieved Green Flag status in July 2015- testament to the hard work of all involved.

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