Wor War project

Intergenerational workshop at Rockcliffe First School

Through their work with the YMCA, the young people learned that around 10,000 YMCA volunteers photographed loved ones in the UK and sent images to soldiers abroad.

Making a difference

How the project achieved outcomes for heritage

  • The history of the First World War in the local area and the role of the YMCA were interpreted through the exhibition.

How the project achieved outcomes for people

  • Participants developed skills in interviewing, research, photography and social media.
  • Young people learnt about how the First World War impacted on their local area, and the services provided by the YMCA at this time. In particular, they learnt about the contribution of volunteers during the First World War.
  • People of all ages had an enjoyable and rewarding experience. They particularly enjoyed having the chance to work with people from other generations.

How the project achieved outcomes for communities

  • YMCA North Tyneside have now secured more funding to look at an area of research discovered during the project, showing how their capacity to run heritage projects has increased.  
  • More people, and a wider range of people, engaged with First World War heritage, with creative activities designed to suit the needs of participants of all ages. 

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Lessons learnt

The group learned to allow enough time for people to communicate and get used to each other. As the weeks progressed, the conversations became more in-depth and more information was shared as people got to know each other better.

It is essential to plan effectively while also allowing flexibility within the project so that it can develop and adapt to changes. For example, it was discovered at one point that a workshop had been planned to take place on the first floor of a school with no lift. As some of the participants required wheelchair access, another smaller room was found and the workshop was adapted to suit the needs of the participants.

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