Displaying our logo

Acknowledging your grant publicly means that our logo must be visible in public areas, both during your project and after it's finished.

This helps people see how National Lottery players’ money is helping to save our heritage for the future.

We expect to see our logo used in a variety of places including:

You may need to acknowledge several funders. If we are the largest funder, we expect our logo to appear first.

Don't forget to be creative! We want you to use our logo imaginatively and in the best ways suitable for your project. Find inspiration from other projects and share your creative ways to acknowledge grants in our online community.

We also provide some free-of-charge acknowledgement materials showing our logo. You can place an order using the online form available through your portal. Download our acknowledgement guides from the More Information section at the bottom of the page.


Plaques and signs

Plaques and signs are a good way of acknowledging your grant for the long term. We would like you to display plaques showing our logo at every main customer entrance and exit, and at every HLF-funded facility and exhibition. We provide two kinds of free-of-charge Perspex® plaques – landscape (13cm x 60cm) and high impact (25cm x 45cm). You can place an order for a plaque using the online form on the portal.

You could also design your own plaques, waymarkers, keystones and other signs using wood, stone, metal, glass or any other materials.

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Construction site boards

Large site boards featuring our acknowledgement logo should be displayed when your project is carrying out physical works – for example building restoration, nature conservation, large-scale landscape and townscape work, or physical works in parks*. Once the work is complete they should be replaced by permanent signs acknowledging our funding.

You could create your own site boards, for example if you need to acknowledge our support alongside that of other organisations. We also provide free-of-charge construction site boards, featuring our logo only (60cm x 245cm).

Site boards must be located at site entrances, exits and at other points where they are clearly visible to the public. If your contractor takes responsibility for this, please ensure that they have your project reference number when ordering acknowledgement materials on your behalf.  

* Please note that parks in England funded under the Parks for People grant programme display a logo different from the one used by other projects.

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Other types of signs

If plaques and construction site boards are not suitable for your project, you should consider other types of signs – for example free-standing signs, banners or stickers. Be creative and use our logo to produce signs that are appropriate for your project.

You can also order free-of-charge materials from us, such as self-adhesive banners (75cm x 135cm). They can be tied to fencing and adhered to boards, and they are easy to store and transport.

We also provide free-of-charge vehicle stickers (22.5cm x 45cm) and equipment stickers (5cm x 10cm). These can be used in various ways, including on equipment purchased with HLF funding and on noticeboards.

It’s your responsibility to obtain the legal approval or permission you need to display permanent signage. This can include planning permission, listed-building consent and faculty consent.

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More ideas for signage 

Plaques and other signs are often the most effective way to acknowledge our funding. In addition to these, you should also consider using our logo on:

  • funder and information boards
  • exhibition stands and displays
  • labels

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Promotional material and publications

We expect to see our logo included on any form of promotional and printed materials relating to your project, for example:

  • leaflets and brochures
  • printed and electronic newsletters
  • maps and posters
  • postcards
  • educational materials
  • guidebooks
  • annual reports
  • emails and electronic cards

Press releases about HLF-funded work must also bear our logo, as well as acknowledging our support in the text.

You might also decide to add our logo to your stationery. Please use the logo according to the minimum-size requirements.

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Use our logo whenever you advertise your project or a job vacancy funded by us.

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