Claiming your grant

Depending on the size of your grant, you will receive the funds in a single drawdown or multiple instalments.

We’ll normally pay a proportion of the costs you have incurred. This will be based on your agreed project costs. Your grant-notification letter will confirm the percentage of costs we will pay towards.

You must keep proper up-to-date accounts and records. We have to account for how National Lottery players' money is spent, so we may ask for invoices depending on the size of your grant.

We also ask that you send progress reports along with your payment requests. They are a good way to show us what you've achieved so far. They also help us to make sure National Lottery players' money is used well. Find out more from the Receiving a grant guidance for the grant programme you applied under.

How we make payments – at a glance:

  • grants up to £10,000
    Usually a single instalment upfront.
  • grants of £10,000–£100,000
    Three instalments: 50% upfront, 40% after you have spent the first instalment of your grant, and 10% when you have finished your project and sent a final completion report and project evaluation.
  • grants over £100,000
    > development grants of less than £100,000

    Three instalments: 50% upfront, then 40% after you have spent the first instalment of your grant, and 10% once you have finished your development phase.
    > development and delivery grants of £100,000 or more
    Most grantees receive instalments of their grant after the work that you are asking us to pay for has been done. At your start-up meeting we will decide with you how frequently you will make payment requests. The last 10% of your grant will be paid when the project completes and necessary evidence has been provided.
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