How we will work with you

We want your project to be a success, and we’ll work closely with you to make this happen.

How we do this depends on the type of your project and the size of your grant. We set out the basic process at a glance below. This is to give you an idea of what we expect from you and the help we can give.

There is more information on how we’ll work with you in the Receiving a grant guidance enclosed with your grant-notification letter. You will also find the Receiving a grant guidance relevant to your project on the programme pages. This is included with the application guidance for the grant programme you applied under.

At a glance, you will:

  • receive a grant-notification letter
    This confirms your grant or first-round pass, with or without development funding.
  • have a start-up discussion with us
    This will be in person or on the phone, and we’ll agree a timetable for progress reporting and grant payment requests with you.
  • request permission to start
    however keen you are to get going, you need formal permission from your grants officer before you start any work on your project.
  • request payment of part or all of your grant
    Whether you claim your grant in a single drawdown or multiple instalments depends on the grant programme you applied under. We have to account for how National Lottery players' money is spent, so we may ask for invoices depending on the size of your grant.
  • send us progress reports
    We want to make sure that National Lottery players’ money is being put to good use. That’s why we ask for updates on how your project is doing. Depending on the programme you applied under, and the level of your grant award, your Grants Officer will let you know how often these should be submitted. 
  • provide a completion and evaluation report after the end of your project
    Depending on the programme you applied under, and the level of your grant award, we won't be able to release the final part of your grant without this. It's also a great way to show how successful your project was and how it met the outcomes it set out to achieve.

The forms you need in order to make the above requests and complete the reports will be released to you by your grants officer. Let them know if you have any questions.

Mentoring and monitoring 

We may use consultants to support you in delivering your project and review risks.

Mentors are people with relevant expertise and knowledge of best practice. If we appoint a mentor, they will help you with developing your whole project or specific aspects of it. These can include capital works, management and maintenance plans, environmental impact, business planning, interpretation, learning, audience development or training.

You need to run your project in line with the agreed purposes outlined in your grant-notification letter

In addition to, or instead of, a mentor we may appoint a monitor to your project for a limited period of time. They help us at different stages, including making sure the project starts on a sound footing or reviewing your project when a problem arises.


Three documents form your contract with us: the standard terms of grant for the programme you applied under; the grant-notification letter; and the completed permission to start form. You accepted the terms of grant by signing the declaration section of your application. Both the terms of grant and permission to start are legally binding. You must comply with them, and with any additional requests in your grant-notification letter.

You will also need to follow the requirements set out in the Receiving a Grant document, the How to acknowledge your grant guidance, Photography of HLF-funded projects: A guide for grantees, and any other material we refer to.

We also expect you to address any issues we identify during the course of your project..

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