Reporting process

Knowing how your project is going helps us to make sure money raised by National Lottery players is used well.

That’s why we ask you to report to us on your project activities, using online forms. If your grant is under £10,000, you will submit a single completion report at the end of your project. We expect to receive progress reports periodically for projects over £10,000.

We'll use the reports to monitor the progress of your project against the approved purposes for which the grant was given. You will have a timetable for submitting progress reports, but don't wait for a scheduled report to tell us of arising risks. Tell us as soon as possible, so that we can respond and support you to resolve them.

Contact your grants officer quickly about any issues that are likely to lead to:

  • changes in costs
  • serious delays
  • failure to deliver the approved purposes and outcomes set out in you permission-to-start letter.

If you are applying through a two-round process, you will begin by developing your project. We will normally review your project during the development phase to make sure it is on track. We'll look across all areas of your project, including development of designs, the activity plan, project business plan, management and maintenance plan and other necessary documentation. You will find more information in the Receiving a grant guidance for the grant programme you applied under.

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