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Catcher Media Social CIC focuses on people by providing them with opportunities to participate in hands-on and exciting face-to-face media projects, enabling them to become active, well-skilled and responsible citizens in their use of digital media, the internet, mobile devices and social media. We provide a human face to the digital world. We also target those who are digitally disadvantaged, with little access or understanding of these technologies (through income, age or geography etc). Groups work with digital practitioners to gain a voice, improve personal and social skills, receive media training and contribute to creating positive social change. Members of Catcher Media Social CIC have worked for 16 years in digital media and are very proud of its successes. Catcher Media Ltd is a commission-led media company whose values are rooted in participation and creativity. Catcher Media Ltd have identified collaboration and innovation, using digital technology, as an important route to addressing social needs. This led to the formation of Catcher Media Social CIC. Our first grant-funded project as a CIC was OH-12-11674 Chewing The Cud: Memories from Hereford's Old Livestock Market was well received in the county.

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