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Cepar / University of Westminster

I’ve worked with HLF as adviser/ mentor/ monitor &c since 2006. Until 2012 I taught at London University’s Birkbeck College where I ran the national MSc programme in Countryside and Protected Area Management and was director of the University’s Centre for European Protected Area Research (CEPAR) where we undertook the 2010-11 national evaluation of HLF’s Landscape Partnership programme. Other related work included a review of Defra’s Sustainable Development Fund and preparation of AONB management planning guidance under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. Now freelance (I'm also Visiting Scholar at the University of Westminster) I undertake research, evaluation and training related to heritage and landscape conservation/ management and community engagement (and still do bits of postgraduate teaching). Work with HLF nationally has included preparation of the Evaluation and LCAP guidance for SF4 (2013-18), management of the annual Output Data collection and analysis, and spatial mapping of LP schemes using GIS. I also work as an evaluator with individual HLF funded schemes to help them capture outcomes and ensure legacy, including preparation of evaluation frameworks, interim reviews and final evaluation and completion reports. Much of my work has been with Landscape Partnership Schemes and Heritage Grant projects, and I’m also currently evaluating one of the most innovative of the new joint HLF/ Arts Council Great Place Schemes. I’ve found all of this a huge learning experience – no two schemes are alike and all have different opportunities and challenges - and I’m full of admiration for the enormous amount of effort and commitment of delivery teams, partners and volunteers which have enabled HLF funding to ‘make a difference’ in so many places throughout the UK. You can contact me direct on rich[at]

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