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I’m Richard Clarke and I’ve worked with HLF since 2006 as occasional adviser/ mentor/ monitor &c. Until 2012 I taught at London University’s Birkbeck College where I ran the MSc programme in Countryside and Protected Area Management and was director of the University’s Centre for European Protected Area Research (CEPAR) where we undertook the 2010-11 national evaluation of HLF’s Landscape Partnership programme. Other related work included a review of Defra’s Sustainable Development Fund and preparation of the AONB management planning guidance under the CRoW Act. Now freelance I undertake research, evaluation and training related to heritage and landscape conservation/ management (and still do bits of postgraduate teaching at Birkbeck). Recent work for HLF includes preparation of the current LCAP and Evaluation guidance for SF4 (2013-18) together with David Mount and Simon Lees of CTP. I’ve just finished managing the assembly of a third round of Output Data (ugh!) from the 40-plus LP schemes that are currently in delivery or who completed subsequent to the last data collection and I sympathise with all LP colleagues who found themselves tied to their desks tediously filling boxes in what is still a pretty clunky Excel spreadsheet when they could be outside ‘doing’ things. I also work with a couple of LPs to help them demonstrate outcomes and ensure legacy, including preparation of their final evaluation and completion reports. I’ve found working with LPs a huge learning experience – no two schemes are alike and all have different opportunities and challenges - and I’m full of admiration for the enormous amount of effort and commitment of LP teams, partners and volunteers which I hope have made LP a flagship programme for HLF. You can contact me direct on rich[at] or at r.clarke[at]

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