Landscapes, parks and nature

The Nene Wetlands nature reserve was created with the help of HLF funding Credit: Amy Lewis
Nature is our oldest form of heritage - we are committed to supporting projects that help people to look after and explore it.

Through the projects we support, we are helping to conserve threatened habitats such as wetlands, wildflower meadows and peat bogs. We also support the conservation of threatened species such as hedgehogs, water voles and the greater horseshoe bat.

Investing in natural heritage

Thanks to players of the National Lottery, we have awarded £1.6billion to landscape and nature projects since 1994. You can find out more about our support for landscapes, parks and nature on these pages.

Funding for landscapes and nature projects

From bees and birds to trees and plants, from ancient woods to public parks, we can help you conserve the natural heritage on your doorstep.

“The landscape would not be as it is today if it weren’t for HLF”Mike Clarke, Chief Executive RSPB


With our funding you could: 

  • improve, expand and connect threatened habitats
  • survey and record endangered species or ‘lost’ histories
  • teach people about local geology, landscapes and nature conservation
  • help people engage and manage rivers, the coast and marine environment
  • research, restore and improve the sustainability of a public park or cemetery
  • acquire land to save priority habitats or species from loss

“The HLF grant enabled us to do so many things, especially to re-introduce safe grazing of cattle onto the heath and to extend our educational activities.”Joan Pinch, Tiptree Heath Restoration project

We offer grants starting from £3,000 so if you have a project in mind, then contact us or talk to others in our Online Community.

Sharing Heritage

Discover and share your local natural heritage with our Sharing Heritage grants. Grants from £3,000 to £10,000 can be used for everything from conserving a habitat like a pond to recording the species found in a traditional orchard.

Our Heritage

HLF's Our Heritage grants span £10,000 to £100,000 and focus on protecting and sharing heritage from learning about local geology and fossils to building a bird hide.

Resilient Heritage

Resilient Heritage grants of £3,000-£250,000 can help you to strengthen your organisation, and build the capacity of your staff and volunteers to better manage landscapes and nature for the future.

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